Radio Drama

I won the Carleton Hobbs Radio Prize in 1978 and joined the Radio Rep for six months. I continued working regularly in radio, recording over 200 plays. In 1982, I got the part of David Archer in "The Archers", and still play him today.

In 2009, aged 56, I played a 28 year old MI5 officer in "A Question of Royalty" with Johnny Vegas and Ricky Tomlinson - directed by Dirk Maggs. Also that year, Nicholas Farrell's brother in "A Hit To The Heart" with Niamh Cusack and Lucy Fleming - directed by Gordon House.

I can also be heard occasionally reviewing the Sunday papers on "Broadcasting House"

In 2015, publicising my children's book, 'Colin the Campervan' I did a load of radio interviews, culminating in the great privilege of being on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio 2. Here's the clip:
The Big Show

Here's a clip from The Archers. The moment when David finds out that Ruth has fallen in love with the cowman!

And here, for a limited time only because the Beeb banned me from publishing it, is a naked David doing the ice bucket challenge!