Radio commercial for Mercedes Sprinter vans. Plus English end-line.

London & Liverpool.
Radio commercial for JVC sound systems. Cockney geezer and hard-tongued Scouser. Plus V/O end-line.

Radio commercial for Branston Pickle. Alan Bennett-like whimsical.

Young London.
Radio commercial for Modern Apprentices. Younger London voice.

Radio commercial for Alders Sale.

Australian - cultured.
Radio commercial for The Guardian. I was born on a sheep station in Tasmania and I have dual British/Australian nationality, so I'm allowed to do this!

Australian - uncultured.
"Okker School" - Lyrics to a song I once wrote!

Excerpt from Deliverance. Both voices, an' ma banjo!

Radio Commercial for Fiat Stilo. I was just mucking about doing silly voices once we'd finished recording, and they liked it. Slightly odd, but you just have to imagine he's a white Jamaican.