I'm Gone
This was one of the first songs I wrote when I got the banjo, mainly because it's only two chords! It's about a guy (or indeed a girl, it would sound great with a female voice) who just can't continue the relationship any more.
(Arrangement, middle 8 and all instruments by John Telfer)

This Year Is Worse
This was about a friend of mine who was getting divorced. Not recommended.
(Arrangement, middle 8 and all instruments except banjo by John Telfer - note unusual lead banjo break!)

Breakin My Heart
So back in 2003 I drank too much red wine at a charity dinner and found myself the highest bidder at the auction for a day in a professional music recording studio. It ended up at the best part of a week, but with the musical genius of Robert Reynolds, the technical expertise of the boys from Music by Design, a proper session drummer and the voice of Lynda Hayes, we turned this...

into this...

Look In My Eyes Tonight
...and we also got Michael Praed singing this, which will still make our fortune as the next big thing from Boyzone!

If I Still Had You
I really love this song, but I have yet to do a definitive version of it. It was one of those rainy mornings when it was cold and wet and depressing, and I wondered what it would be like to be really alone on a day like that. Needs a great singer to do it justice though. Me and Rob Reynolds in the cottage in Norfolk.



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