The Hippo

UK Patent GB 2201083
European Patent Application No. 88307747.1
American and Japanese patents applied for.
Trade Mark 1337319

When my first son was a toddler, I came up with the idea of a 'ledge' to support him on my hip. This would not only benefit hip-less men, but also women who were getting tired of carrying a child who was too big for a kangaroo-style pouch, but too small to make it to the shops and back without a 'carry'. (This is not my family - professional models)
I made it first out of cardboard and coathanger wire, then wood. I got British and International patents going, and a plastics company made two polypropylene prototypes but did little more. Years went by, patents were granted and paid for. It then got redesigned by the world renowned designer Kenneth Grange at Pentagram who included it in their catalogue (see photos). As a result of this, it was picked up by Cannon Rubber Ltd. who got as far as contracts before dropping it because of doubts about sales potential and safety.

So, yet another Great British Idea lost to mankind! Am I bitter? No, just quite a lot poorer than I might have been!