My family

My wife Judy makes the most astonishingly beautiful hats - within ten years she has gone from scratch to being one of the top bespoke milliners in London. She is also an artist, costumier, reflexologist, teacher, mother and all round gorgeous and brilliant girl. Marrying her in 1979 was the best thing I've ever done. Her website, showing her wonderful creations is at and her teaching site is

Will'm was born in 1984, is a maths boffin, ex - professional croupier and poker dealer, graduated from Heythrop College, Univ. of London with a first class honours degree in Philosophy and is now head of careers at Makers Academy. Will is one of those odd people who likes recruitment. Couple that with a passion for education and tech, mix in a history of starting and growing education startups, and he's found the perfect place to work. He also volunteers for a number of organisations including EdTech UK, Tech London Advocates, Learning Futures and The Tech Partnership.

Jasper was born in 1988 and graduated with a degree in Popular Music at the Univ. of Gloucestershire at Cheltenham. He survived being born six weeks premature with Listeria Meningitis and decided to completely ignore it, picked up my guitar at an early age and fell in love with music. Jasper is now a man with a finely honed wit, the most astonishing singing voice and a really serious musical talent. In 2014 he gained a CELTA diploma which allowed him to teach English as a Foreign Language anywhere in the world - so he went to Japan, where he has been teaching in Tokyo for Shane Schools ever since.

My eldest sister, Sorrel, has been many things during her tough but extraordinary life, but having almost single-handedly invented the teenager in her youth, is now busy growing old disgracefully and, with more energy than she has any right to, recently went round the world, alone, on a shoestring. Then did India likewise. The best granny in the world, she devotes herself to the care of her grandchildren, and teaches English the rest of the time.

My sister Anna is an actress and producer and one of the absolute best audio book readers in the English language. Anna keeps coming up with astonishing new things, like out of the blue touring Russia representing a charity that gives money for Russian schools - so improv in Moscow not a problem then!

I've written a memorial website for my father Henry who died in 1997, which tells the story of an extraordinary man who died too young.

I'm in the process of writing one for my mother Pauline too, who died even younger, taking her own life in 1967.